Thursday, 21 February 2013

#28 Ah so that's what it is (7)

Hello everyone, first off to the people who guessed.

No Carole it isn't scar, though I am curious as to how you got that answer XD
And to Liberty, yes you are right it is a ultra close up of Wolverines face.

This week was a drawing done by Paolo Rivera, a Eisner Award Winning Artist, who's worked on comics such as Mythos ( a series of one shots based around the origins of different superheroes in the Marvel universe), and done a buck load of Covers, at least 25 different comic series he's done the covers for, not individual comics the series, to count how many he's done individually I would be here a long time. 

So that's another Ah so that's what it is wrapped up for this week, see you next time. TTFN, LL'n'P



  1. It sort of looked like the bridge of his nose when he was talking angrily with his face turned slightly to one side... sort of... honest...